Couch Removal in San Bernardino, CA provides couch removal services to the greater San Bernardino area!

Professional Couch Removal

Couches are a living room staple, but they really can wear down over time. Whether it’s torn up, beat up, or it’s just time to get a new one, will be able to haul your old furniture right out of your home! Couch removal is a great way to free up space for new furniture, stress free.

We know the ins and outs of removing a couch, how to get it down stairs, through tight doorways, and into our truck where it belongs! For any inquiries about couch removal, don’t hesitate to
call us today!


We are a professional junk removal service based in San Bernardino and we are a great locally-owned option for you for a couch removal service! Our team is licensed and insured to take these larger items out of homes and we understand the quirks of getting rid of an old couch.

Our team is also extremely friendly and makes sure you understand the full quote, process, and what we need from you to start a junk removal job! We provide many different services and can even provide those onsite for you as well!

Couch Removal Process

  1. When we first arrive to your home, it is important for us to give you an accurate quote. For that, we’ll need to know how much space your couch will take up in the truck. Once you show it to us, we can go ahead and get started!
  2. We’ll start taking the couch away. Our team will be sure to plan out a path for the couch to get out of your home ahead of time.
  3. Once it’s in the truck, we’ll be right out of your hair. We’ll take the couch to the local dump, or, try to donate it if still in good condition!
  4. You’ll never receive any uncommunicated additional fees tacked on post removal service!

Sectional Sofa Removal

Getting rid of a sectional couch can be a pesky task as it can almost be like removing two couches in one. Our professional junk removal team has experience with these too large to move couches and will have yours out in no time. We’ll make sure to take apart the couch first and then move the smaller pieces into the truck.

About Us

We are a locally-owned junk removal company based in San Bernardino. was founded by a teacher looking to put his daughter through school. We are happy to say that that goal has been completed and now we just want to provide great services to our local community!

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