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Do you ever look around your home and wonder, where did all the space go? Well, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, your space just gets cluttered and things just keep piling up. But, what do you do when the normal clutter ends up becoming too much?

Here at IEJUNK.com we specialize in helping you clear out your space, whether it’s a home, garage, or even a whole estate cleanout! We want to provide excellent junk removal in Bloomington to help serve the community and provide a junk-free environment to its resident.

Why Us

Of all of the junk haulers in Bloomington, why pick IEJUNK.com? Well firstly, we are a members of the community. As members of the community, we want to see it thrive, and being clutter free can be a big part of that! As a business started by a father to get his daughter through college, we are a company you can trust, not some big franchise looking to do the bare minimum.

We are also environmentally-conscious and make sure to always dispose of your junk properly, whether that’s at a dump or a recycling center. Another great option is to donate any usable items to a local Bloomington donation center!


Our junk removal process in Bloomington is very straightforward and we make sure all you have to do it point.

  1. First, you schedule a 2-hour window that works for you.
  2. Once we arrive, we’ll give you an onsite estimate of the cost of the job. Our junk removal prices are based on how much space your junk takes up in the truck!
  3. Then, just point, and we’ll take care of the junk!
  4. After that, we’ll be out of your hair and bringing the junk down to the dump or donation center.

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Couch Removal in Bloomington, CA

When it comes to furniture removal, specifically, couch removal in Bloomington, there’s no better company than IEJUNK.com. We make sure that all you have to do is point and we’ll take care of the rest. Just in case you have a large or awkwardly shaped couch, we know we can get it out because we’ve done it before. Small doorframes can be a curse of DIY-couch removal but for our professional junk haulers, everything is easy and smooth!

About Us

IEJUNK.com is a local junk removal company that services Bloomington and the surrounding San Bernardino area. We were founded by a father looking to pay for his daughter’s college tuition but now that that’s completed we still want to serve the area because your home is our home. Go with the junk removal company you can trust, IEJUNK.com!

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