Do I Need Junk Removal or Dumpster Rental?

Choosing Between Junk Removal Services and Dumpster Rentals

If you’re working on a large clean-up job that needs junk removal services, you’re probably trying to go about it in the most convenient and affordable way. Here at IEJUNK, we’re professional junk haulers. Our team members can definitely tell you the difference between needing junk removal services or dumpster rentals. Here, we’ve weeded out the differences in using these options to help you decide which one you need.

As a professional and experienced junk removal crew we’ve seen different clean-up types. Some just need a team to come in, haul things out, and dispose of them immediately. Other jobs make it more convenient for clients to rent a dumpster so they can take a couple of days to remove stuff from their location. There’re all kinds of clean-up jobs, from commercial clean-ups to garage clean-ups. These jobs can vary from taking a few hours to complete to a few days. The choice between junk haulers and dumpster rentals can depend heavily on how much time you need to work on a project.

When spending your hard-earned money on a service, you may want to jump to pricing first as an underlying factor. But you’ll find that it isn’t too big of a difference in price between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services. What you want to consider is how much junk you have to remove, how much space your materials take up, and if you can manage to do all the lifting and moving on your own!

Comparing Job Types

On-going junk removal jobs, like full-house cleanouts or DIY projects can be cleaned up more efficiently using dumpsters. This is because you can rent a dumpster for a while as you occasionally throw junk away. This is especially useful if you plan on doing the heavy lifting yourself, because without a crew to help, it will take more time to do the job safely. You’ll want to have that dumpster readily available, so trash doesn’t pile up on your property as you work. You’ll need it there to give you the time to get the job done!

On the other hand, junk hauling services are great for tasks that can be completed in a day or even a few hours. Workers will come out and pick up your chosen furniture items and dispose of them for you. Even a large amount of furniture, electronics, and exercise equipment can be removed by our teams in a day! Because we’re professional junk haulers, and we do this often! You can check out the wide variety of services we provide on our website, or call us to chat with one of our pros!

Comparing Costs

Most dumpster rentals will start with a set time frame and price. The more time you need to complete your job, the longer you’ll need to rent the dumpster. This also means a higher cost to rent dumpsters. The price to rent dumpsters can seem like a lot compared to junk removal prices, but often, they end up at about the same price. Look at it this way. For hauling services, you’ll be paying for the amount of refuse you need taken off your hands. If you’re going to fill up two or three truckloads, this can round up to less than the cost of having a dumpster for three days or so.

Junk removal services can be less costly for some clean-up tasks. You can hire a service like us, and we’ll come right out to your lot to pick up your unwanted furniture or refuse and haul it away the same day! You’ll receive a quote for one all-inclusive cost and don’t have to worry about the lifting or disposal. We’re local to the Inland Empire and work all around this area, so our prices are fair to you because we’re neighbors!

Of course, the final decision is always up to you! What type of services do you need? A construction project that accumulates a ton of waste over a couple days is better suited to dumpster rentals. Whereas a job where you need help with the lifting and want it done now is better off handled by a junk hauling crew. If you have questions about services or are looking to set up a service, give us a call at (909)-498-4321.